Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I just couldn't sleep tonight.
This blog has to come alive once again.
God give me strength.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

morning candid

The Morning Candid
Somehow it happens to be one of my favourite picture. :)

...hmm what can I say... CANDID is the best moment..

Monday, January 21, 2008

My kaki dessert bought this for us to have another session of doughnuts rating.
My favourite goes to ..... ahem..of course the one with the white chocolate coating!!
..And, thou I love green tea ice-cream, I guess green tea doughnuts taste terribly weird.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

new design?

Well, I was given a task to contribute some ideas on the new set of uniform. Thou I'm not too sure if we're really goin to change uniform, I will feel honoured if my design is chosen.
It's tough goin back to square one in designing since it has been a year that I didn't flaunt my design skills.
Visualising are just not enough and not to mention that I had to accomodate to the majority needs.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Last night Sis told her husband and me that 'we' guys were not good at doing multi tasks.
She believed that it's one of mens' weakness point that we have to accept.

Let me tell her this..
"you know that you're a flight attendant when...
your a cleaner, first aider, fire fighter, a security officer and a server all in one!
Overall your a GREAT multi - tasker!"

Well, I hope she read this. Bwek!
(...waaaaaaaaahh I'm proud of my job lah... kekekeke)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Rise of the machine

Rise of the machines
"When it comes to achieving the dream skin, hair and body, technology has taken over beauty world in the form of space-age machines and high-tech ingredients. Let these latest minimally- invasive aesthetic treatments lead the way to instant beauty."
I read this article in a magazine lately and what caught my attention is this treatment for 'seriously uneven and pockmarked skin'.

The solution
Microneedle Dermo-roller Resurfacing
How it works
Although the device ( a hand-held roller with tiny needles all around it) looks like a torture chamber device, this treatmnet is touted to be less damaging to the skin than laser resurfacing, which evaporates the skin's epidermis layers. The device is rolled across the skin, where the micro-needles make tiny puncture channels on the skin's surface, stimulatig the skin cells to heal by producing more collagen. Although each 45-minute treatment can leave marks and redness on the face for up to two days, skin is said to be able to fully recover in two months' time.

Before & After Dermaroller Therapy

Before Treatment: Note the multiple scars all over the cheek area, particularly the large one in the middle of the photographed area.

6 weeks after First Treatment: the scars are much less obvious, with the large central scar barely perceptible.

Ahemm so aRy..why not huh?
Well, I don't mind giving it a try and who knows it's just a few steps to obtain that flawless skin.. hehehe.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

My sweet tooth

Someone asked me why do I love to eat sweet stuffs..
I don't know why..
I love white chocolates
I love ice creams
I love cookies
I love egg tarts
I love doughnuts
I love waffles
I love eclairs
I love milkshakes
I love caramel
I love almonds
I love cupcakes
I love fried mars bar
I love apple pies
I love chocolate muffins

The answer; I guess these are the mini parts that forms me, aRy!
Ooohwow Am I A Sweet Guy? :)